Stories and references

from the house of

WoodArt by B.

A new wardrobe made to order.

Side view of the wardrobe

in its intended location.

Wardrobe made from pallet parts.

Clothes hook made from pieces of branches.

The others are furniture handles

made of ceramic.

Lower parts of the wardrobe.

Seat and shoe rack,

self-turned logs,

Parts of a Euro pallet.

The whole thing is white in a vintage look.


General view of the wardrobe.

Immediately confiscated by the customer.

The family heirloom

shines after the restoration,

in new splendor.


Picture 01

Another one

little challenge...


Picture 02

... the restoration

this great sleigh.


Picture 03

And another one

contemporary witnesses

saved from decay.

A “small” feeding station in XXL.

Eine neue Futterraufe für die Pferde.

feed rack

Picture 01

Still under construction here.

feed rack

Picture 02

Still under construction here.

feed rack

Picture 03

Ready for transport.

The pasture is still about 400 m away...

feed rack

Picture 04

The transport seems problem-free...

feed rack

Picture 05

... the goal is reached.

feed rack

Picture 06

The sheet metal roof is installed, as is one side that acts as a door.

Let's wait and see what the horses say...

A compromised one

Front door shines in a new design.

picture 01

The raw metal sheet, during processing.

picture 02

The sheet metal after treatment

with 33% hydrochloric acid.

picture 03

A cutout for

the existing window.

picture 04


...The old/new front door is finished.

Now all that's left is the frame

can be painted in an anthracite tone.